• Millionaire App Developer Allen Wong went from rags to riches with one iPhone app

  • You won't believe what she did on the bus

  • Learn how to meet great women from an expert

    Learn how to meet great women from an expert

  • He lost his face in a car accident...the U.S. government gave him a new one. This is his story

  • Find out what really goes on...behind closed doors

  • In-depth interview with the king of penis enlargement

  • Amber discusses the new space telescope that will be able to look into the past

  • Controversial comedian Yoshi Obayashi discusses his crazy life

  • Creator of the DTP program and personal trainer to the stars.

  • The only make money from home guy out there.

  • Learn what it takes to make it in Hollywood today

  • Stock trading secrets from one of the world's best

  • Openly gay rap mogul with some interesting stories

  • He found love in a war zone

  • Austin comedian Paul Shotwell sits in

The Men's View

This is radio at 1000 horsepower

ep 205: Amateur Porn star comes on to tell us how he makes money

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- We start off the show asking Wu how many of his friends saw the last episode where he whipped out his penis in case you missed it you can watch it here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uS8Gyty-Szk

- Bonafide talks about what would happen if his parents saw a video of him doing this.  Dizzle talks about his dad finding his neon green T-shirt in college and thinking Dizzle might be gay.

- Our Chief Meteorologist Frankie MacDonald calls in because of the severe storm forming around the Texas region.

- We read some listener email

- We  find out Wu has a Twitter and we make fun of how few people are on there.  We go look at who these people are one by one.

- Our guest of the week is amateur porn star Harrison Bergeron whose girlfriend and him sell their own feces for a living. We find out about how people buy baked goods made from feces, buy used panties on the internet, and other depraved depths guys goto on the internet to meet their sexual needs.

- The wheels start turning in Bonafide’s head and he tries to convince Wu to quit his job and start selling his own shit. Bonafide comes up with turdbids.com

- We play the Who fucked a hooker game #WFAH

- Wu tells us about his roommate Taylor who is always getting laid off Tinder

- News
1.  Man in Shanghai Dies while playing world of warcraft
2. Sony Morpheus Virtual Reality Helmet coming out

Ep 204: Wu makes good on the Fleshlight promise

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This weeks full episode on YouTube is found here http://youtu.be/rdmDAPLG3UU

- We start off the show discussing Wu using the fleshlight.  We take bets on different categories such as how much will be inserted in there, how long will he last, will he even be able to get it up. We come up with a method to find a winner by writing our names on the side of the transparent fleshlight.

- We interview Robert Patrick Lewis author of "The Pact"which can be purcased on Amazon at the link here

The Pact
"The Pact" combines global politics, combat, economics, conspiracy theories and Special Forces history into one nail-biting fiction work; think Dan Brown meets Tom Clancy meets Red Dawn.  Already hailed as “so realistic and plausible that it’s terrifying,” “an on the edge of your seat thriller that will have you looking in your rearview mirror for enemy troops” and “the next great franchise in the world of military fiction,” “The Pact” is going to change the way Americans look at their government and safety for the rest of their lives.

- Robert tells us how he is able to succeed post military and what it takes for a veteran to do well in society after deployment ends.

- Robert tells us about how the government is getting gun shy on getting terrorists because they get into trouble recently.

- Robert tells us about his real life pact where he has with his military buddies in case of an invasion.

- Paualaconda's girl shows up during Robert Patrick Lewis interview but leaves since we can't get to her immeidately. We bring up Paualaconda's non eistent sex life which makes him whip out his nasty phone and show us some new pictures he has of women.

- The Wu fleshlight segment happens.  Wu goes off to look at some videos on a website to help him prepare for his insertion into the fleshlight.  This is one segment you have to watch on our youtube channel. We all take bets on how far Wu will be going on the fleshlight and write our names on the side.

- Wu comes through like a champ.  Make sure you check out the footage on youtube we have multi camera shots lol.

- The News - The news keeps getting interrupted by Wu updates until he finally comes out to make good on his promise to a listener.


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ep 203: Dizzle responds to Howard Stern bashing podcasting


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- Paulaconda sits in this show

- We talk about Wu going to Houston and Chinatown getting gentryfied in Houston

- Bonafide talks about his trip to Hawaii and how he lived the Bonafide
Lifestyle while he was away.  He brings up his new Bike guide coming up that will teach you how to make money flipping bikes. We talk about what goes through your head while you think youre about to die.  Dizzle talks about the diasaster that was the only time he tried to surf and how he ended up in the emergency room.

- We find out that most of the local women in Hawaii wears thongs.

- Fan emails
- Dizzle goes off on Howard Stern for insulting podcasting and calls him out for acting like he has more listeners than he really probably does.

- We mess with Metalhead and act like we can't hear him

- Metalhead goes hustling and finds a really rare item thats worth a lot of money but doesnt want to sell it.

- DJ Wish gets his equipment rented

- We ask Metalhead what a free fix for a fuck is

- Metalhead goes on a date and goes to a girls house thats covered in cockroaches.

-CMFK catches Metalhead with his zipper down

- News
1. Samsung TV's that listen to everything you say
2. World's first penis reduction surgey
3. Big condoms to blame for STD spike
- We talk about a guy who acts like a dog

ep 202: The Fleshlight Arrives


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- Bonafide is going to Hawaii and we talk about his Bonafide Lifetsyle and how to take ownership of your own life.  We bring up SPIN who lives on the beach on Hawaii.

- We talk about what its like when we get a tweet. We read some listner emails and youtube comments
- Bonafide talks about the American Dream and Dizzle talks about the difference between the last and this latest generation.

- We talk about being overweight and how the grocery stores put unhealthy stuff in certain locations in the store in order to get you to buy them.
- Wu brings up his job and how stressful it is.  Dizzle and Bonafide think that there is no stress involved with his job.
- Dizzle's sister-in-law blows up his septic tank
- Wu talks about compost thieves who steal your compost
- The Men's View Podcast get a special package from a listener.  Yep Wu's fleshlight is in.
- Study about Craigslist and its relation to HIV rates in cities served by Craigslist
- Metalhead calls in with a Gossip game

- The News 1. Conrad Hilton filps out on a plane 2. Workplaces of the future 3.
- CMFK discussion about his fiancee being left at the greyhound station

episode 201: Austistic Internet Weatherman Frankie MacDonald

This episode can be found on youtube at this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mh71ZBxPMGg
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This week we have Internet Sensation Weatherman Frankie MacDonald call in and give us an interview. The rest of the show is broken down below

- CMFK has been dating a girl but he never goes to see her so Dizzle gets on him about it. Dizzle is bummed out that CMFK rides a motorcycle back and forth to Mexico. CMFK's TV sitting on the floor is compared to his relationship. 
- Dizzle talks about why he quit riding motorcycles.

- Paulaconda lost his dirty phone but already has a new one filled up.  We talk about how his phone is filled with  dirty pictures. Paulacoda goes and gets his phone and shows us new wonders in his phone.
We find out about Paualaconda showing everyone his pictures in his phone at work.

- Paulaconda talks about castrating cows and what makes it so fun.  He says its a power thing.

- Frankie MacDonald Interview. We interview the internet sensation weatherman Frankie MacDonald. We find out how Frankie has been weathercasting and how long it took him to get noticed.  We find out that Frankie has a photographic memory for weather events.  He also makes his weather predictions by studying the data on accuweather.com We quiz Frankie on major hurricane events he gives us obscure dates off the top of his head.  We ask how Frankie deals with negative comments on youtube.
Frankie tells us what makes him tick and he does the famous Frankie dance for us.

The Frankie Macdonald Dance
We end the interview by asking Frankie to be our official Men's View weatherman.
- We read listener email

- Dizzle tells a story about being a sacker and falling in love.
- We go off on Wu on how he is a complete hermit and doesnt contribute to the show.
- We talk about Paulaconda's girl.

- A listener is going to give Wu a fleshlight.  But he needs proof that Wu will use it.  We throw around ways that Wu would be willing to prove it.
- New Prank call
- Wu tells us about his job waking up at 6am to be a line cook at a japanese restaurant

- News: IBM is laying off 430,000 people.  New VR movies coming out on Oculus Rift. KFC has a double down dog hot dog. New Router that will wirelessly charge devices.

ep 200: Metalhead bangs a chick he meets at a grocery store at a hourly motel

Check us out on Youtube and subscribe to us on iTunes and leave us a review.  Send us emails and we will read them on air. Email us at hdizzle@themensview.com hdizzle on twitter rate and review us on itunes if you want us to blow up.  Add us on facebook instagram on twitter all links on themensview.com email or tweet us if you are interested in buying a shirt to support the show.- Dizzle gets angry at producer CMFK and Bonafide talks about CMFK watching the show Gold Rush all the time.

- Bonafide and DIzzle talk about how they live right next to each other but they never see each other.

- Dizzle brings up Bonafide pressuring people into doing things that he wants to do. It leads to talking about topless sunbathing women at Barton Springs.
- Dizzle's sister had a kid with a giant set of balls.

- We read some emails from someone who got bullied as a child which leads to some arguing with Wu about whether bullying affects you to this day or not.  Bonafide talks about his bully now being a big shot senator on capitol hill.

- Metalhead calls in on the show and tells us about his new Prospect club.

- Metalhead tells a story about a girl he met at a grocery store and taking her to a hour motel.
- We realize Metalhead is starting to look like sloth from the Goonies.
- Financial tip of the month from Metalhead
- The news.
1. Guy gets his penis chopped off by his wife twice
2. Cheaper weddings make marriages last longer than more expensive ones
3. Rapper Riff Raff wants $30,000 to go out with you on a prom date
4. People in an apartment complex have been drinking water from a tank where a girl has been decomposing for over a month.

ep 199: Craigslist Theif Gets Justice from motorycycle gang

Check us out on Youtube and subscribe to us on iTunes and leave us a review.  Send us emails and we will read them on air. Email us at hdizzle@themensview.com hdizzle on twitter rate and review us on itunes if you want us to blow up.  Add us on facebook instagram on twitter all links on themensview.com email or tweet us if you are interested in buying a shirt to support the show.

-Dizzle starts off the show giving Wu a christmas Present.  We get to listen to more of Wu's sad social life.

- Batman calls in with a story about getting his $750 motorcycle jacket robbed and then finding and confronting the thieves on Craigslist.

- Batman gives Wu some advise on how to meet women online on Tinder.

- We play some new prank calls

- Whoopi Goldberg Farts on the view and we talk about how its probably faked for ratings (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zf8UwDNt5ck)

- Axe a black man anything with Kevy Kev (@kevykev94590 on Twitter). We axe Kevy questions that you want to ask a black man but were scared to ask. We ask him questions like what its like to get pulled over by the cops if you're black. Why do black men wear their pants sagging with their underwear showing. Why is beef called beef? Why are black people amazed by magic tricks?

- We talk about CES Consumer Electronics Show and 4K TVs that are coming out.

- Wu wants to get a fleshlight

1. Butthole eaten at a Cleveland Lions game
2. Attorney throws crazy Playboy party for his daughter
3. News Reporter gets forstbite
4. Florida man wearing a I have drugs T-shirt was caught dealing drugs.

ep 198: New Years Resolutions

Dr. Wilson

Dr. Wilson

- Dr. Wilson Sits in we learn about New Years resolutions and why they fail. He talks about forming habits and willpower to help your goals stick.
- Dizzles disgusting junk food eating habits.

h dizzle

H Dizzle

- We talk about bullying growing up and Dizzles anger issues. Dr. Wilson brings up Dizzles angry Facebook comments on news articles.
- Dizzle talks about his extreme anger at his childhood bullies and e eeyone makes fun of how he can resolve it.
- We talk about guns and the lady that got shot by her 2 year old.
- Wu talks about his life of playing world of worldcraft and constant masturbation. He also talks about his method of trying to pick up chicks online.
- Bonafide walks around with a whole lot of money on New yeras even because of a Filipino superstition.

H Dizzle Jones from The Men's View
- Dr. Wilson has issues with his girlfriend.  Dizzle reads texts his girlfriend sent.  We try to give him advise.

ep 197 – Jordan Habringer from The Art of Charm

- Dizzle explains why the show was off the air for so long.
- We talk about Dizzles new house and how it has a 30 year old septic tank.  The person who installed the tank added a special viewing port in the pipes.

septic tank viewing hole

septic tank viewing hole

We talk about adding a turd cam to his septic tank. Dizzle explains the concept behind a septic tank. Dizzle is so cheap he tries to take dumps elsewhere to save space in the septic tank.
- Dizzle uses CMFK during the building of his house and strains the relationship.  CMFK explains what actually happened. Dizzle and CMFK argue over the work.
- CMFK is getting completely out of shape and gets called out on it.
- Dizzle purposefully looks at old guys naked in the gym locker room to see what he might look like when he is older
- Paulaconda keeps asking for ME-72 dick pills we talk about the penis pill poppers they sell at convenience stores.
- Bonafide argues with Dizzlle over whats better projectors or LED tvs.
- Wu thinks inviting a friend over just to watch TV is the worst idea of hanging out.
- We interview Jordan Harbinger from the Art of Charm Podcast.  Jordan's podcast is there to help you leverage the power of social dynamics and psychology to help you win more friends, earn the respect of your peers, get the girl of your dreams, and master the art of networking. We talk to Jordan about how he learn all his skills to where he can now teach people. Jordan talks about how he started off shy and not being able to network and how he gained the confidence and skills to be where he is at today.  We learn about skills such as how to talk to women at clubs, non verbal communication, . Jordan dissects Dizzle's horrible club going experiences with women, talks about other pickup artists like Mystery.

Jordan Harbinger

Jordan Harbinger

Metalhead turns down Jordan's Offer

Metalhead turns down Jordan's Offer

We bring one Metalhead to try to help him but he passes up the opportunity so Dizzle flips out on Metalhead for wasting Jordan's time.
- We find out Metalheads financial planning secrets and his incredibly bad car buying decisions.
- One of the news stories about a police smelling womens socks and underwear who he pulls over makes the crew think up a incredible business idea.
- The News - Man has sex with goats, turkeys and other animals.  Cops pulls over women and asks them for their underwear.

ep 196: Ebola Survial Tips, Dr. J and Explosive Diarrhea, Jorge the Bullshit Technology Expert

- Dizzle reads a fan email from Germany that almost makes him cry.
- we get into an argument about IKEA and Sweden
- Bonafide talks about Dizzles IKEA furniture thats stored at his house. We make fun of the weird names IKEA furniture has.
- Dizzle reveals his trick on how to get massive amounts of food free at IKEA
- Dr. J loses some weight but reveals he goes on a yo-yo type diet.
Dr. J
- Dr. J got hit by a taxi in Brooklyn while trying to eat meatballs. We hear about the guy that hit him and his trip to Bellevue hospital in New York.
- CMFK tries to sell Dizzle his almost 4k TV
- Bullshit Technolgy Expert Jorge calls in
Bullshit Technology Expert
     a. Lamborghini Hybrid - The new breed of supercars don't have engine noise. BMW i8
     b. New Tesla P85D - original owners feel slighted because the new self-driving technology is out after a year. Older models              can be sent in to add in self-driving features.
     c. Moral/Financial decisions having to be made by self-driving cars during accidents.
     d. Watching POV porn through Google Glass
     e. Air Umbrella
- CMFK has been fucking up the producing of the show and DIzzle calls him out on it
- Bonafide gives us tips on how to avoid Ebola
- Dr. J talks about his trip to the Phillipines and explosive diarrhea in a restaurant.
- The news
     -Man has sex with his mom after he kills her
     -Snapchat pictures hacked and uploaded to the internet
     -man has sex with stuffed animal at Wal-Mart
     -Iggy Azalea gets into a fight with a papparazzi