• Millionaire App Developer Allen Wong went from rags to riches with one iPhone app

  • You won't believe what she did on the bus

  • Learn how to meet great women from an expert

    Learn how to meet great women from an expert

  • He lost his face in a car accident...the U.S. government gave him a new one. This is his story

  • Find out what really goes on...behind closed doors

  • In-depth interview with the king of penis enlargement

  • Amber discusses the new space telescope that will be able to look into the past

  • Controversial comedian Yoshi Obayashi discusses his crazy life

  • Creator of the DTP program and personal trainer to the stars.

  • The only make money from home guy out there.

  • Learn what it takes to make it in Hollywood today

  • Stock trading secrets from one of the world's best

  • Openly gay rap mogul with some interesting stories

  • He found love in a war zone

  • Austin comedian Paul Shotwell sits in

The Men's View

This is radio at 1000 horsepower

ep 198: New Years Resolutions

Dr. Wilson

Dr. Wilson

- Dr. Wilson Sits in we learn about New Years resolutions and why they fail. He talks about forming habits and willpower to help your goals stick.
- Dizzles disgusting junk food eating habits.

h dizzle

H Dizzle

- We talk about bullying growing up and Dizzles anger issues. Dr. Wilson brings up Dizzles angry Facebook comments on news articles.
- Dizzle talks about his extreme anger at his childhood bullies and e eeyone makes fun of how he can resolve it.
- We talk about guns and the lady that got shot by her 2 year old.
- Wu talks about his life of playing world of worldcraft and constant masturbation. He also talks about his method of trying to pick up chicks online.
- Bonafide walks around with a whole lot of money on New yeras even because of a Filipino superstition.

H Dizzle Jones from The Men's View
- Dr. Wilson has issues with his girlfriend.  Dizzle reads texts his girlfriend sent.  We try to give him advise.

ep 197 – Jordan Habringer from The Art of Charm

- Dizzle explains why the show was off the air for so long.
- We talk about Dizzles new house and how it has a 30 year old septic tank.  The person who installed the tank added a special viewing port in the pipes.

septic tank viewing hole

septic tank viewing hole

We talk about adding a turd cam to his septic tank. Dizzle explains the concept behind a septic tank. Dizzle is so cheap he tries to take dumps elsewhere to save space in the septic tank.
- Dizzle uses CMFK during the building of his house and strains the relationship.  CMFK explains what actually happened. Dizzle and CMFK argue over the work.
- CMFK is getting completely out of shape and gets called out on it.
- Dizzle purposefully looks at old guys naked in the gym locker room to see what he might look like when he is older
- Paulaconda keeps asking for ME-72 dick pills we talk about the penis pill poppers they sell at convenience stores.
- Bonafide argues with Dizzlle over whats better projectors or LED tvs.
- Wu thinks inviting a friend over just to watch TV is the worst idea of hanging out.
- We interview Jordan Harbinger from the Art of Charm Podcast.  Jordan's podcast is there to help you leverage the power of social dynamics and psychology to help you win more friends, earn the respect of your peers, get the girl of your dreams, and master the art of networking. We talk to Jordan about how he learn all his skills to where he can now teach people. Jordan talks about how he started off shy and not being able to network and how he gained the confidence and skills to be where he is at today.  We learn about skills such as how to talk to women at clubs, non verbal communication, . Jordan dissects Dizzle's horrible club going experiences with women, talks about other pickup artists like Mystery.

Jordan Harbinger

Jordan Harbinger

Metalhead turns down Jordan's Offer

Metalhead turns down Jordan's Offer

We bring one Metalhead to try to help him but he passes up the opportunity so Dizzle flips out on Metalhead for wasting Jordan's time.
- We find out Metalheads financial planning secrets and his incredibly bad car buying decisions.
- One of the news stories about a police smelling womens socks and underwear who he pulls over makes the crew think up a incredible business idea.
- The News - Man has sex with goats, turkeys and other animals.  Cops pulls over women and asks them for their underwear.

ep 196: Ebola Survial Tips, Dr. J and Explosive Diarrhea, Jorge the Bullshit Technology Expert

- Dizzle reads a fan email from Germany that almost makes him cry.
- we get into an argument about IKEA and Sweden
- Bonafide talks about Dizzles IKEA furniture thats stored at his house. We make fun of the weird names IKEA furniture has.
- Dizzle reveals his trick on how to get massive amounts of food free at IKEA
- Dr. J loses some weight but reveals he goes on a yo-yo type diet.
Dr. J
- Dr. J got hit by a taxi in Brooklyn while trying to eat meatballs. We hear about the guy that hit him and his trip to Bellevue hospital in New York.
- CMFK tries to sell Dizzle his almost 4k TV
- Bullshit Technolgy Expert Jorge calls in
Bullshit Technology Expert
     a. Lamborghini Hybrid - The new breed of supercars don't have engine noise. BMW i8
     b. New Tesla P85D - original owners feel slighted because the new self-driving technology is out after a year. Older models              can be sent in to add in self-driving features.
     c. Moral/Financial decisions having to be made by self-driving cars during accidents.
     d. Watching POV porn through Google Glass
     e. Air Umbrella
- CMFK has been fucking up the producing of the show and DIzzle calls him out on it
- Bonafide gives us tips on how to avoid Ebola
- Dr. J talks about his trip to the Phillipines and explosive diarrhea in a restaurant.
- The news
     -Man has sex with his mom after he kills her
     -Snapchat pictures hacked and uploaded to the internet
     -man has sex with stuffed animal at Wal-Mart
     -Iggy Azalea gets into a fight with a papparazzi

ep 195: Saho The Tow Truck Driver

two truck driver

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tow truck driver saho

- This show we have tow truck driver Saho sit in.  He gives us the lowdown on what its like to be a tow truck driver and how you can get out of a tow, when he lets people go, how much he can make, whats the hardest car to tow and many funny stories of people trying to fight him.  Will crying get you out of getting towed? Saho will tell you.
- Dizzle has an update on his living situation and getting kicked out of his apartment
- Wu has problems getting women and his obsession with Tinder
- We talk about Ebola and whats going on in Dallas. How the government has run out of  Zmap the experimental Ebola drug.
- We talk about how to check for testicular cancer

1. Three guys beat more than 900 chickens to death with golf clubs.


2. Two hot teachers have a threesome with their student.


ep193: Divorce Attorney David Pisarra

On this weeks show

1. Dizzle has a talk with CMFK about yelling at Dizzle when he really was angry at Bonafide.
2. We talk about the guy on Craigslist who got shot while trying to make a PS4 deal.
3. Doctor Wilson talks about the 4 things that need to happen for people to be happy.

Divorce Attorney David Pisarra

Divorce Attorney David Pisarra

4. Divorce Attorney David Pisarra talks to us all about what happens when you get a divorce from a woman.  He tells us about

- how much it costs
- what games an attorney plays to get a bill higher
- how to keep your costs low
- what a woman will do to try to get you
- what to watch out for
- the lying and perjury that happens in the courtroom
- what you can do to protect yourself
- what to do if you suspect your wife is having an affair
- what a woman will do to get you in trouble
- how to avoid the common pitfalls you might face if you are a man
- how children are used during the divorce

If you want to know more about Divorce and plot out a strategy David has some excellent books you can purchase at mensfamilylaw.com and also hosts a podcast

If you want to know more about Divorce and plot out a strategy David has some excellent books you can purchase at mensfamilylaw.com and also hosts a podcast

5. We talk about how plastic bags are banned in Austin and we run out of stores like criminals with groceries in our hands.  Dizzle is really self conscious about what other people think about his groceries in the parking lot.

6. The news
-Pizza store worker rubs his balls all on a pizza and hands it to a customer - http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/pizza-employee-rubbed-genitals-customer-order-police-article-1.1941878
-Jealous man stabs his roommate for having a threesome - http://elitedaily.com/news/world/man-stabs-roommate-loud-threesome/740407/
-Doctors in Australia do surgery on a goldfish - http://www.nbcnews.com/news/weird-news/goldfish-goes-under-knife-tumor-treatment-n204146

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ep 192: Savings Angel calls in with money savings Tips

Josh Elledge

Savings Angel from Savingsangel.com @savingsangel on Twitter calls in this week to teach us all how to save a ton of money and get a load of free stuff.

Psychologist Dr. Wilson sits in this week.

- Dizzle talks about Watermelons being thrown on his yard again
- We talk about bullying in school and what the motivation is behind getting famous
- Savings Angel calls in with some tips to save money and get free stuff with Coupons
- We talk about couponers and the junk they eat
- Metalhead goes to a club and we have video of him talking to a tranny (Money Mike followed him and took video)

ep191: Fappening Hacked Naked Celebrity Image Leak

- Dizzle has the nervous sweats going
- We talk about Podcast Movement 2014 #PM14 and the host of Entreprenuer on Fire John Lee Dumas. Dizzle brings up the dudes hanging around him calling themselves Podcaster's Paradise.
- Dizzle has a nervous breakdown at House of Blues and the past comes back to haunt him.
-  Bonafide coaches Dizzle on how to meet new people and prevents him from having a public nervous breakdown.
- Dizzle thanks @savingsangel from savingsangel.com for keeping his confidence going.
- Metalhead comes on the line and trys to flex his muscles but we don't see any.
- We find out that Metalhead actually ate some homemade things today.
- We play some reviews for the show from The Ear Wash Show.
-   Dizzle brings up how badly out of shape he has gotten.  He thinks he has the old man look and is going to do a H-Dizzle challenge where he will get in shape over 12 weeks and then share the results with his audience.
-  Justin from Pinnacle Training Center gives us some tips to improve our physiques.
-  We talk about /TheFappening and all the celebrities whose nudes were released  in there.  Wu discusses individual pictures.
- Who released the pictures?  We reveal the true identity of the hacker OriginalGuy
-We take a poll on who on the show has taken dick pics and uploaded to the cloud.
- Bonafide talks about how he used to hang out with Amber Heard
-We discuss DropBox and FaceBook and other programs that automatically archive your pictures.
- CMFK brings up his really messed up long distance relationship

ep190: Interview with Internet YouTube Prank Sensation Joseph Costello

Joseph Costello from QuietAssassins pranks channel on youTube sits in on the show. We talk youTube fame, him hanging out in L.A., starting a clothing company. Chunk, Joseph's prank partner sits in and tells us about how he got ripped off by a escort in L.A. and how she tried to get $5,000 from him. You will never guess where he gets the money to pay her.

joseph Costello
Money Mike calls in from the streets of Houston. Hes out trolling for hookers in the Hood of Houston near Beltway 8 and Bissonet. He tells us what hes been doing in his life. Last time we had talked on the show he had sex with 15 hookers and now he claims to be in the 200s. Money Mike also tells us about Cantinas in Houston and where all the hot latin women hang out.

Dizzle brings up a lawsuit he just won and talks about how insane it is to defend a lawsuit in America.

We bring up a picture Wu posted on facebook and try to make sense out of it.  Here is the picture in case youre wondering about it.

Wu after eating a huge buffet in Vegas

Wu after eating a huge buffet in Vegas

We talk about the news:

1. Morgue attendant in Ohio is having sex with dead people in the morgue.
2. People get into a fight over the knee defender.
3. 8 year old Arizona girl accidentally shooting and killing firearms instructor with Uzi.

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ep 188: OneFC MMA fighter Kamal Shalorus

former UFC fighter onefc fighter kamal shalarus prince of persia champion killer

Kamal Shalorus

This show has former UFC and current OneFC fighter Kamal Shalorus.  He will be fighting in Dubai on August 29th for the world championship.

We also interview Sandra Harmon who has had sex with many celebrities including Jimi Hendrix.  She also tore off Burt Reynolds wig.

Other topics on the show include the latest ebola outbreak


Ep 187: Interview with first guy to buy Marijuana in Washington Mike Boyer

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-Paulaconda sits in again and we try to get more info off him about his women. Dizzle checks out some of the videos on his phone.

- Sales calls on your cell phone from call centers

- Dizzle's college job selling long distance

This weeks guest is Mike Boyer he was the first person to buy Marijuana in Washington and made headline news.  He waited in line 19 hours only to get fired from his job.  He comes on to talk all about what happened and what it was like that historic first day.

- Metalhead calls in about his DJ Wish job at another Indian Wedding

- We read the news

1. Cosplay Gropers at Comic Con

2. Underwear Bomber foiled by soiled underpants

3. Man gets his penis amputated while getting a circumcision

- Paulaconda talks about ripping testicles off bulls

- Showering in the locker room in college football